Breast Center of New England performs all screening mammograms using 2D/3D technology (3D is known in the medical world as “tomosynthesis”). A screening mammogram is a test which should be performed yearly to evaluate for signs of breast cancer. Screening mammography is used in women who do not have any symptoms of breast cancer (no lumps, nipple discharge, etc.). The test has been around for decades, and has been widely proven to reduce the risk of dying from breast cancer. Screening mammograms can be scheduled by patients as you don’t need a doctor’s order for this test.

A screening mammogram is a type of x-ray test for women without breast symptoms (such as a lump). Screening mammograms are ideally performed every year beginning at age 40. During a screening mammogram, two different images will be taken of each breast. At Breast Center of New England, we perform screening mammograms using all new state-of-the art 2D/3D GE equipment. Screening mammograms are covered by almost all insurance carriers 100%, are quick to do, and have been used for decades to detect breast cancer before you can feel it. Take care of yourself and schedule yours today!